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Official producer for Chrysler LLC of all their vintage Service Manuals and Master Parts Books back to 1914. This includes the Travco's on Dodge Chassis!! We also have much other literature on the Travco's.

Bob Spear Hello, this is Bob Spear from the Vintage Sportscoach Owners Club. I have some important information for owners of vintage Dodge chassis motorhomes. If you have owners looking for brake rotors, calipers, drums and other parts, they are all available from Auto Specialty through their retail outlets. Kelsy Hayes acquired Auto Specialty and gave them all the original molds. Auto Specialty will continue to make castings so the parts will not dry up. Auto Specialty will provide you with the number of your nearest retailer by calling 310-513-2060. Auto Specialty's tech department can give you the part number you need so when you contact your retailer, you will have it to give to them. As an example:

M500 5 bolt rotors #AR8710 M400 6 bolt rotors #AR8712 M600 8 bolt rotors #AR8711

All list around $225 each NEW!! M300 rotors #AR8703 list around $80 NEW!!

All of this information has been personally verified by me today. Please pass this info to the Travco owners who may need it. Thanks, Bob Spear 6/16/99

Source for tires. TireNET has available 7.50x17 Michelin XCA radials  load range D The last time I checked the price was $159.99 INCLUDING delivery. tubes extra. Contact John at TireNET 1-888-261-9566 E-mail Website 3/14/99 Al Farrell 1971 Winter Haven, FL I own a Travco that has 7-50-17 tube type 5 lug budd wheels which are standard on all Travco motorhomes of that year. I am most fortunate in having a brother who owns a Michlin tire importing business, I asked him if would he stock and sell the Michlin 7-50-17, Michlin tube, and Michlin flaps, which are all radial tubes, tires, and flats; my brother informs me that this tire is very common in Europe and Africa, and for him it is no problem to get them at an extremely discounted price. The 7-50-17 Michlin radial, steel-belted is a much softer riding tire than the 8-19-5. The difference between the 17" and 19.5" is the sidewall ability to absorb bumps. I had both tires on my motorhome and chose to go back to the Michlin 7-50-17 for the superior ride quality. My brother informs me there is no shortage of these tires, tubes, and flaps because they are currently in production; he also informs me he is willing to ship these tires to any Travco owner. You may contact him at Major Tire Company, Cincinnati OH 45246, (513) 771-4273 OR at When calling ask for Bill Jr. and tell them you read this from his brother Al. P.S. The 7-50-17 Michlin costs A LOT less than the 8-19-5, due to the discounts my brother is willing to give. I find no reasons to give up the superior ride and handling of the 7-50-17. I can't give prices, but I can assure my friends who also own Travco's how inexpensive these tires actually are. 11/23/98

One source of parts we have found [ Vander Haugs ] Souix City Iowa.

Foretravel in Texas stocks the rubber Windshield gasket and lock bead for Travco's. Part number's are SC1814 for $47.94 and SC1819 for $0.56/ ft. respectfully. UPS is extra. Contact the Parts Dept. @1-800-955-6226 Now if I can just keep from breaking the glass....................

Windshields for Travco are available new for around $500 each side. Foretravel, Texas (409) 556-8376 D & D Custom, Elkhart Indiana (800) 551-9149 Glass Parts, Portland Oregon (503) 650-9655 Add about $100 for crating and another $100 for shipping. Installation can be very expensive because they have to allow for the possibility of breakage.

Manuals (Promotional, workshop, etc.

P.J.'s Auto Literature Phone: (319) 345-6760

Bob Johnson (The Auto Lit Man) Phone: (508) 872-9173

All chassis parts (shocks, brakes, etc are available at your local NAPA Auto Parts Dealer.

Rear drums ( BUDD #75747 ) are available from (MERIT TRUCK PARTS) They are in Chicago ILL. 1 800 621 4198 Ask for Don Rodrigez PS. The drums are new and are made in Canada.

Travco service manuals are available! Call Irv Bishko telephone number (1-800-544-3312). I asked him about a manual for my 1973 Travco (RM400),he said, "No problem ... it is a reprint and we can send it right away,$59.00 plus postage."He said it covers everything.There are 25 chapters and it is about 1 1/4 inches thick. It covers models M-300, M-375, RM-300,RM-350, and RM-400. Although not like the Chiltons that I see for automobiles, it covers quite a bit (the usual engine/trans/cooling/electrical, etc).

The service manual I recently purchased has helped a lot. I even found out what those strange cannisters with the air breather were (brake boosters)! The wiring diagram helped yesterday when the horn began blaring all by itself (a short).Mark York

Ron Fletcher 72 Champion Dayton OH

Found this on the WEB. Hope you find it useful.

Orphan Parts -- New, Used and Surplus

Having trouble finding a motorhome part? Here's a list of more than 50 companies that may be able to help you find it -- from miscellaneous electrical devices, to original parts and publications for specific brands. We have included some sources for owner's and shop manuals, too!

AGENCY RV SALES & SERVICE. 674 E. Highway 30, Mechanicsville, IA 52306; (800) 938-4936. Buy, sell, trade, rebuild all parts for Vixen motorhomes. E-mail:

ALL RITE EXTERIORS. 1500 Shelton, Hollister, CA 95023; (800) 262-6541. Collision-repair parts for all types RV exteriors.

ARIZONA RV SALVAGE. 2737 W. Lincoln, Phoenix, AZ 85009; (602) 272-0301, fax (602) 484-0918. New and used plumbing, cooling, lighting, appliances, windows, doors, holding tanks, hubs, rotors, axles, running gears and rear ends. Vast inventory, will ship nationwide.

BOEING SURPLUS. 20651 84th Avenue S., Kent, WA 98032; (206) 393-4065. Surplus aluminum sheeting, honeycomb insulation and mylar. For large quantity orders, call Jon Thurman at (206) 393-4049.

BONTRAGER'S SURPLUS PARTS. 18719 E. US 12, White Pigeon, MI 49099; (616) 483-7017, fax, (616) 483-7786. Refrigerators, ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces. Six salesmen.

BRANDON AUTO SALVAGE. 3159 Highway 60 E., Balrico, FL 33594; (800) 282-7462, (813) 689-8131, fax (813) 684-7010. All types of RV parts for all types of RVs.

CAMPER & RECREATION INC. Route 1, Box 238, Loyal, WI 54446; (715) 255-8142. Replacement canvas tops. Will manufacture canvas for any folding trailer even without pattern if old canvas is available.

CANVAS REPLACEMENTS. State Highway 2419 Highway 98, Loyal, WI 54446; (715) 255-9332. Canvas replacements for any type of RV.

CHEROKEE RV SALVAGE. 5050 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80216; (303) 295-3433, fax (303) 297-8812. "Largest RV salvage this side of the Mississippi."

CINNABAR ENGINEERING INC. 116 Orval Street, Sandusky, MI 48471; (800) 720-2227. All original GMC motorhome parts and publications are distributed under license from General Motors Corporation. Certified technicians staff a Chevrolet Motorhome Service Center that has 25,000-pound lifts and body and interior shops. E-mail:

COLAW RV SALVAGE. Route 4, Box 515A, I-44 & 71A, Carthage, MO 64836; (417) 358-4640. Actively dismantling hundreds of damaged RVs for the purpose of reselling used RV parts.

COOPER RV SALVAGE. 1300 Thornton Street, Elkhart, IN 46514; (219) 293-3027. All types of parts for all types of RVs.

D & B WHEELS INC. 4409 E. Mission Boulevard, Pomona, CA 91766; (909) 590-1702. Wheels, tires, accessories. Buy/sell/trade. New & used.

DIXIE TRAILER SUPPLY/RV PARTS/SERVICE. 4135 N. Dixie Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334; (305) 565-9210. 27 years in business. New and hard-to-find trailer and RV parts.

D.T.I. INC. PARTS UNLIMITED. 304-1/2 N. Main, Middlebury, IN 46540; (800) 289-0919, (219) 825-5858. Reconditioned/scratch and dent appliances. RV appliance parts.

ECONOMY USED RV PARTS. #8 1678 W. Superstition, Apache Junction, AZ 85220; (800) 224-2601, (520) 982-2678. Salvage and surplus. Discount prices/obsolete parts. Used-new-reconditioned. Buy/sell/trade

ELECTREX. 108 E. Sherman, Hutchinson, KS 67501; (316) 669-9966. Custom manufacturing of electrical wiring harnesses, electrical assemblies, switch panels, clock panels, and miscellaneous electrical devices for vans and RVs.

ELKHART SURPLUS SALVAGE. 28301 US 33 West, Elkhart, IN 46516; (219) 295-8903.

FOREIGN ENGINE SERVICE. 5811 S.E. Johnson Creek Boulevard, Portland OR 97206; (503) 771-2526, (800) 349-3778. Parts and repairs for the LeSharo and Phasar motorhomes. Toll-free parts and help line. Available stock for almost anything that is drivetrain related -- including transmissions, engines and most all-related components. In business since 1974.

GRABER INDUSTRIES INC. 19100 Fairchilds Road, Constantine, MI 49042; (616) 279-5288. Obsolete and new RV parts and supplies, as well as building materials, carpeting and plumbing.

GUNDIE'S INC. 1283 Mt. Baker Highway, Bellingham, WA 98226; (800) 444-4344, (360) 733-5036. Large number of rebuildable RVs, auto-recycling center, appliances -- all types of parts for all types of RVs.

HARMONY ENTERPRISES. 704 Main Avenue N., Harmony, MN 55939; (507) 886-6666. Components available for any Harmony Enterprises roof-lift system. Heco camper canvases are available for Palomino, Puma, Trade Winds, Winnebago and many more.

HOCKETT RV CENTER. 20962 Maurice Lane, Sonora, CA 95370; (209) 532-1899. Most any part for most any RV; solar battery chargers, appliances and water systems.

HOLIDAY ON WHEELS. Route 22, Patterson, NY 12563; (800) 416-0544. Dodge parts available for 1969-86 (M300-M600). Large inventory. Part numbers helpful.

HOLIDAY RV SUPER STORES INC. Orlando, FL (407) 351-3096; Tampa, FL (813) 622-8777; N. Fort Myers, FL (941) 731-2266; Forest Park, GA (404) 362-9559; Greer, SC (864) 877-8218; Orlando, FL (407) 363-9211; Roseville, CA (916) 782-3178; Bakersfield, CA (805) 831-5451; Las Cruces, NM (505) 523-0715. Specializing in Airstream and Holiday Rambler parts of vintage.

HORN'S SALES AND SERVICE. I-43 South, P.O. Box 1171, South Sheboygan, WI 53801; (414) 564-2381. Parts and accessories for all types of campers.

HOWELL'S RV APPLIANCE REPAIR. 1162 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, CA 92021; (619) 441-0066. New, used and reconditioned RV appliances.

ICKE'S RV SURPLUS. 701 W. Huntington Street, Montpelier, IN 47359; (317) 728-5668. New/surplus RV parts. In business 29 years. Four warehouses. UPS nationwide delivery.

IDEAL RV AND TRAILER SUPPLY. 3375 E. Bayshore Road, Redwood City, CA 94063; (415) 365-1574. Hard-to-find new and used RV parts.

INLAND RV PARTS AND SERVICE. 391 Elizabeth Lane, Corona, CA 91720; (800) 877-7311. Parts for older Airstream trailers.

ISLEY'S RV SERVICE CENTERS. 2225 W. Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201; (602) 834-1234. 5151 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ 85308; (602) 938-4990, (800) 962-5547. Parts and service available for older and current RVs. Specializing in hard-to-find parts, also RV handicap equipment, accessories and modifications. Mail-order catalog and knowledgeable order-desk personnel available for questions.

LA PORTE'S PARTS DISTRIBUTORS. 2444 N. Fifth Street, Hartsville, SC 29550; (803) 332-0191. Unique inventory of new and obsolete heating, air-conditioning and appliance parts -- Duo-Therm, Coleman, etc. Wholesale only. Please have your dealer contact us for you.

MATHER AUTO WRECKING. 4095 Happy Lane, Sacramento, CA 95827; (800) 822-6110, (916) 366-8211. We buy Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mitsubishi insurance wrecks. Specialize in Dodge motorhomes.

MIDWAY RV SERVICE. 8301 Bolsa Avenue, Midway City, CA 92655; (714) 897-1926. Parts available include FMC custom accessories, innovations and manuals.

MIDWEST SALVAGE. 1700 N. State Road 5, Shipshewana, IN 46565; (219) 825-9822.

MOBILITY RV. P.O. Box 85, Hanlontown, IA 50444-0085, (800) 933-7742, (515) 896-2222, fax (515) 896-2223. Winnebago/Itasca dealer and mail-order parts help. Specialize in LeSharo-Phasar.

NATIONAL RECOVERY SERVICE INC. P.O. Box 310, Liberty, NC 27298; (800) 903-7285, (910) 622-7285. Rebuilds damaged RVs. Engines, nose/tail cones, differentials, transmissions, and other new and old hard-to-find parts.

QUALITY COACH (Div. Rec Ve Inc.). Stump Road & Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936; (215) 643-2211. Appliances, interiors, brakes and hitches as well as other parts available for Cortez, Dodge RV chassis, FMC, Revcon and others.

R.V. RECYCLERS. 3391 Fitzgerald #B, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; (916) 635-9303. All used parts from 1990 and newer stock; refrigerators, generators, furnaces, waste tanks, windows and more. Reconditioned and new available also; 90-day exchange available. Open 7 days/week. Ship nationwide.

RV SPECIALISTS INC. 11865 S.W. Highway 54, (8.5 miles east of Wichita, KS on Highway 54, south side), Augusta, KS 67010; (316) 775-3098. RV repair service that does a lot of "skin" jobs and has a good source of material.

RVS CORP -- Recreational Vehicle Services. 10900 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (800) 821-2266, (408) 779-3173. Parts available for 1973-76 FMC 2900R -- all molds, tooling, dies, fixtures, large parts inventory. Onan generator documentation back to early '70s. Specializing in fiberglass damage.

SHAW & CO. 6374 State Road 303, Albuquerque, NM 87105; (505) 877-8949. Mainly trailers and large appliances.

SINGLETON RV SALVAGE & SALES. 383 Nelson Road, Rochester, WA 98579; (360) 273-9566. "We are here just for you. Check with us before buying new!" sinks, fridges, stoves, lights, awnings, roof air, propane tanks, axles, body parts, doors, windows, jacks and much more. Open four days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

STATE LINE SALVAGE. 51027-2 State Road 13, Middlebury, IN 46540; (219) 825-7540. Van seats, tires, VCRs, TVs, drink trays, consoles and miscellaneous van/RV accessories.

VANDERHAAG'S INC. 3809 Fourth Avenue W., Spencer, IA 51301; (800) 831-5164. (712) 262-7000. Oshkosh and Winnebago surplus parts, plus new and rebuilt engines, transmissions, rear ends, wheels, manifolds and rotors. Installation available on all parts. Free mailer available.

WALT'S RV SURPLUS. 16616 Valley Boulevard, Fontana, CA 92335; (909) 823-0563, fax (909) 823-8515. New/surplus RV parts. Specializing in Fleetwood, as well as National and Cobra RVs.

WELLER AUTO. 2525 Chicago Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49509; (616) 538-5000, fax (616) 538-4159. Wrecked RVs -- gas/diesel. Specializing in driveline components, new and rebuilt motorhome driveshafts, used engines, used/rebuilt transmissions, brakes, rotors, drums, Chrysler exhaust manifolds, ratio changes and axles. Also, generators, appliances, roof airs, glass.

WINDOW COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING INC. (800) 382-9541, (305) 688-2521.

WINNEBAGO SURPLUS & GENERAL STORE. P.O. Box 152, Forest City, IA 50436-0152; (515) 582-6935, fax (515) 582-6958. Store hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5 & Saturday 8-12.


AIRSTREAM MANUALS. Henel Davis, P.O. Box 484, Sidney, OH 44536. Private individual has copies of owner's manuals and shop manuals for models going back to mid-1960s and a few prior. Most are $35, plus postage.

CAMPING WORLD. Hard-to-Find Parts catalog, (800) 626-5944. $3.

CINNABAR ENGINEERING INC. 116 Orval Street, Sandusky, MI 48471; (800) 720-2227. All original GMC motorhome parts and publications are distributed under license from General Motors Corporation. E-mail:

FAXON AUTO LITERATURE. 1655 E. Sixth Street, Corona, CA 91719; (800) 458-2734. Repair manuals, paint chips, owner's manuals, sales literature.

IRV BISHKO AUTO LITERATURE. 14550 Watt Road, Novelty, OH 44072; (800) 544-3312, (216) 338-4811. Owner's manuals and shop manuals primarily for Dodge chassis motorhomes in the 1970s. Be specific when you call for info.

RVS CORP. Recreational Vehicle Services, 10900 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (800) 821-2266, (408) 779-3173. Large collection of owner's and service manuals for motorhomes pre-1985.  

This site has good info about the proper use and type battery's
for RV. 

Thanks: BIG JIM. P-cola, Fl





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