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We are starting a Picture Gallery of TRAVCO Please submit Pictures and a Description of your Travco to

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our Travco,  it is a All original
Jimmy and Kelly,
  Springdale, Arkansas. 


1971 27' with a 413 that purrs like a kitten.  

Dennis and Lou Coates,
Due to family evolution we maybe selling

Let us introduce RogerDoger. He is a 1965 26' with a 318 wide block, rr bed, plus fixed double bunks. 

Steve Caver/George Mobbs

1967 Dodge Motor Home.  Rebuilt (non-original) Dodge 440. Rebuilt transmission, Rebuilt Dana limited slip differential. Lives near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.  Owners:

27', 1968, 318ci, would like pics of the bathroom. Only original one in Britain that we know of.

Okay, since nobody else is gonna send them in, I will, this is the interior of my 1971 which you already have posted in the Gallery.  This is a challenge....

  Jimmy Carlisle

interior2 (2).jpg (24966 bytes)

Click for larger image

int2 (2).gif (39753 bytes)

updated pictures of Boris,
our 71 Travco.

front (2).gif (93950 bytes)

bedroom (2).gif (87641 bytes)

Marcia and James

Our new 1973 Camel for Two!   in Gasquet CA.  Getting ready
for a maiden voyage..Grand Canyon, Nebraska and Michigan;  

trav2 (8).jpg (37361 bytes)

Mike Smith

Ontario, Canada


1972 Travco, Dodge Mahal model which is 27 feet long.  It has a 413 engine.  We are the third owners of this well maintained motorhome.

travco1 (3).jpg (32389 bytes)

Boot Hill Auto

1967 Travco motorhome decked out in those historic colors
,000 original miles!

bha4.jpg (72274 bytes)

Jim Forbes
Sierra Vista, AZ

1975 Travco.  It's in pretty good shape, overall.  It has the 440 engine, and the 
body measures 21 feet.

travcoforbes (2).jpg (24868 bytes)

Henry Carlzon in Northern Sweden,Piteň

Travco 27 1973. it is standing there and waiting for the Summer.
The Travco is standing in Northern Sweden, Piteň. A few kilometers south of the Artic circle.  (maybe the only Travco in Sweden)
MVC-071F (2).JPG (75139 bytes) MVC-070F (2).JPG (63587 bytes)
MVC-072F (2).JPG (66801 bytes) MVC-074F (2).JPG (70676 bytes)
1970  TRAVCO MODEL 270,
6.5 ONAN
10.5  MPG   100 MPH BULLET

travco.JPG (25644 bytes)
back.JPG (38039 bytes) travco1.JPG (68361 bytes)
WHEELS1.JPG (53301 bytes) WHEELS.JPG (30069 bytes)
Steve & Lisa Lindell
Louisville, Kentucky
.    Our Travco   wpe9.jpg (164309 bytes)
Here is a part of the front view, I only have mopars around my home,2-68
chargers,1-71 RV, 1-83 ramcharger,1-88 Chrysler Lebaron.
wpeB.jpg (53328 bytes)

Two Travcos are twice as much fun, plus they turn heads
going down the highway together

Leo Eilts

The Travco with the Green strip is mine, the Nuclear Guppy.
Bought her in Oklahoma (on Route 66) in February of 1999.  She's a 1973 Model 270, 440 big block high performance engine with a Holly 4 barrel carb.
The one with the coral stripe is Moby Dick and belongs to my bother.  A 1967
with a 318.  .  .
twintravie1 (4).jpg (153427 bytes)
twintravie2 (4).jpg (142125 bytes)
Roger Eilts
So here is a photo of Moby Dick, 1967 Travco, which we adopted on April 29, 2001.  I'm still learning the systems, and will post more pic's as things progress. Mobyside (4).jpg (156972 bytes)

Bob and Su
1975 Travco that Su and I just bought.  Old Blue is in great shape, just some cosmetic things on the outside.  He has 54K original miles, the 440 engine, and about 125 hours on the genset. 

Old Blue Exterior Left (5).jpg (311409 bytes) Old Blue Exterior front right May01 (5).jpg (308623 bytes)
Old Blue Rear Exterior May01 (5).jpg (393343 bytes) OleBlue Interior May 01 (5).jpg (240923 bytes)
"The latest addition to the Shadoan family of Southwestern Oklahoma,
 she hasn't even got a name yet".
1972 Travco 27'  413cu inch muscle and she's ready for the open road.
Travco (4).jpg (23633 bytes) Travco drivers side (4).jpg (29173 bytes)
view from front (4).jpg (33050 bytes) view from back to front (4).jpg (26408 bytes)
1972, 27', 413 engine runs great. Greensboro, NC.
Recently completely renovated inside and out
$8000 or quick best offer
motorhome4 (2).jpg (226682 bytes)
motorhome5 (2).jpg (22410 bytes)
Greg and Ginny Grube
Bath, PA
This is our 1969 Travco.  We purchase it in 2000 and have just finished refurbishing it.  It's name is the "Mother Ship".  It is 27' with a 318 motor.
Travco2pic.jpg (22853 bytes)
Steve and Joelle's
Northeast PA
1975 Travco. We picked her up last month after almost a year of
searching. 53K Miles, the interior is in very good condition. Currently have the carpet and
seats ripped out and laying sever layers of dynamat to make her as quiet on the road as

R W Canfield
My 1977 270 with 440. I have cut 2 vents in the front and made ram air system. Big improvement. Love restoring it. I added microwave and currently redoing the charging system so I can run 4 bat and also charge the gen bat when plugged in to shore.
Rob and Sandy Central Florida.


74 270 with a 413.  we added disk brake front axle
changed the vacume boost brakes to hydralic boost and changed to 19.5 wheels.
here is its first trip out. its a work in progress.  this pic was taken in
daytona beach fla daytona speedway infield. 


Described as the "Turtle" by its previous owner this
1967 Dodge (Travco) Motor Home is white with the green stripe, 41K miles, nice interior, and will get carb
work and new tires.
ENCON NY State A good friend Frank sent me this picture of the Mobile Unit ENCON used to have
Owned by father and son Roscoe and David Tomlin 

Lakeland Florida 

This is Roscoe's Road Runner. A 1975 ; 270 with new brakes throughout new exhaust throughout new awnings, green stripe, and tires.
P3070015.JPG (161172 bytes)
Great restoration P3070016.JPG (141119 bytes) P3070017.JPG (139728 bytes)

1969 Dodge Mahal

AJ Galway
travco1969.JPG (12943 bytes) Travco 1969side .jpg (1505905 bytes)
1971 Travco  "The Yellow Submarine".
Gary Meyer 
yellow-3.JPG (64074 bytes) S_yellow4.jpg (88006 bytes)
Michiel & Carolyn Williams

1976 travco 270
440 engine
45,000 miles
just bought her in march 2002 and in the process of restoring
Moby runs like a champ and is very loved by her owners, Kelly and Wendi Ross of Kalama, WA.
"Moby" is a 1970 27' Right Hand Drive originally from Australia and has the original blue and white striped awning and side walls which are like BRAND NEW!

Here's our 1977 Travco 290, it's continuously overhauled.
We went with silver instead of typical white. Oversize
bumble-bee stripe.

Rigo & Sherry Ramirez
Buckhannon, WV

travfinsmall.jpg (94513 bytes)
1969 Dodge Mahal
AJ Galway
AAJtravco.JPG (12943 bytes) AAJTravco side .jpg (1505905 bytes)
This is my 1969 270
Mike Jennings
I'm the 4th owner (3rd 4months,2nd 22yrs got from relative 1st owner) use it to pull my vintage racer to many tracks & loving it
973 Dodge Travco
Here is a picture of a 1973 Dodge Travco that a few friends bought.

It has the 413, plenty of muscle and it purs like a lion.  Custom interior coming soon!

More pics of our 68 travco
Adam & Alyson
Boise ID

Jim Whaley
1972 Mahal
1972 Mahal model that I own but is in Illinois and I'm in MD.

She's named Big Ugg, but I'll rename herwhen I can get to know her better.

Ernie Seebeck
1976 travco 270

No name but looking for suggestions.

Would be
willing to part with her for $5000.

Mark & Erik Goodin in Raleigh, NC

Our 68' Dodge Travco is all original and unspoiled.

Runs great and will cruise at 70mph all day long.

Jim Forbes
Sierra Vista, AZ

This is our 1975 Travco Motorhome. 
Hi-Ken Gibbs springfield MA.

This is Frank, one of the 131 built in 1961, the first production year of motorhomes.

My frank is complete and original.

If anyone knows of another '61, please let me know. I also am in need of a front right corner window from a 61 or 62.

Denton Froese
Grand Prairie, Alberta:
1977 Travco, 70477 miles.
Completely renovated on the inside with argon and helium gas hookups, extra counter space, two ventilated fume hoods, an acid waste collector, and network connectivity.

Andrew Bonkowski
Livonia, MI


1968 Travco 270 upgraded with a 413 engine. 

My Owner:
Shawn Keith
Grand Rapids MI
My Age & Model:
1972 270
413 motor, 68K miles

Available for sale!

My Owner:
Shawn Keith
Grand Rapids MI
My Age & Model:
1976 270
440 motor, 25K miles

I just purchased this rig from Ernie Seebeck, it is shown on your site gallery under his name.

Ed Baudoux Grayling Michigan

Here is our 74 270. Just got it home last weekend. Hasn't been driven in 5 years.


Rick and Cindy Lozinski from Tucson Arizona.

1970 270 The 413 has never been rebuilt and runs like a clock.

Click Here for more info

Darren Ellis


This is my 1973 Ford Condor.

I know its not a Travco but you probably will not see another one like this in your life time. Be cool if you put it up on your site.

Norm Roach
North Battleford
Saskatchewan, Canada

May be selling my pet ... it's a '70, I'm nearing 70. Runs really well, clean and comfy. Have a Yahoo album for view if anyone is interested in talking purchase.
Rex & Renee Taylor
Bradenton, Florida

Hello Everyone,
Here are a few photo's of our Big Ruby-that's what we named her we have been working on her now for about two years and are about ready to take our first trip in her. was lots of work to get her back into shape but we just love her.
Jim Sizemore
Gainesboro, TN

1978 TRAVCO 320 w/440 engine, 60k+mi.


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