Found your site recently and thought I would share some pictures of our Travco. My dad bought it new in 1970 and I acquired it about 8 years ago when he stopped using it. Its been from coast to coast and from Newfoundland to Mexico. Last year we took a 6 month trip to Alaska. I have some pictures of that trip I can share with you later. Its always been garage kept and the outside is all original, never been painted. The 413 has never been rebuilt and runs like a clock. We have done some upgrades in the interior but always keeping with the original design. I just added a Gear Vender auxiliary transmission that gave it 6 forward gears to help get up and down the steep western grades. I can let you know how that went as I have build-up pictures and we are about to take a trip to the northwest coast where it will be tested. 
I have a Norton that I bought 28 years ago.  I made a rack on the back of the Travco  and take it with me when I travel. Other times I tow a Geo Tracker, but the Norton is much more fun. We towed the tracker to Alaska and back with no problems.
Thanks for your Travco site!
      By the way we are Rick and Cindy Lozinski from Tucson Arizona.